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Tattoos can mark the occasion of either a victory or a defeat, can be an expression of joy or sorrow, performed as part of a ceremony or ritual and accompanied by mantras, song and dance.  The phase of the moon may determine the time for a tattoo, as may also a particular constellation of the stars, or a season.  Some people get themselves tattooed because of certain visions, taboos, oaths or injunctions. Leer artículo completo…

The electric tattooing machine, which was first patented by Samuel Reilly in 1891, has become very popular since that time.  There are a great number of suppliers of tattooing accessories and machines, which are mass produced and sold in large quantities.  The drive principle, based on an electromagnet and a spring, has remained unchanged since its invention more than a hundred years ago, however. Leer artículo completo…

The technique with which the pigments are brought underneath the skin has not undergone any significant change during the course of history.  There are, however, depending on the state of development and degree of inventiveness, great variations in the quality.  This is due to the ease of use of the tattooing instruments on the one hand and to aesthetic considerations on the other: the tattoo should be finely drawn, with lines that are thin, black and even.  Leer artículo completo…


Body paint is an artistic expression that has its origins on worldwide ancient tribes.  They used this method as a way to decorate the body and for identifying its members.  Also, body painting was used as a war signal associated with intimidation actions, and for body camouflage for haunting.  At that time, people used the blood of animals, chalk, colored earth and wood charcoal.  Currently, it is common to use natural inks, body make up, or henna (which is a traditional Indian paint). Leer artículo completo…


• The Celtic tribes: this style is characterized by spiral shapes, images of birds, dogs and humans.

• The Maori tribes: for this culture tattoos were a mechanism to be recognized after death and symbolize inner strength. This tribe from Nez Zeland specializes on facial and legs tattoos. Their tattooing style is known for spiral shapes similar to wood carving. Leer artículo completo…


Tattoos bleed a lot

When the tattoo artist begins drawing or outlining the tattoo it produces blood. Shade or color when larger areas are usually very little bleeding, and also the tattoo stop bleeding by itself in 5 or 10 minutes. Leer artículo completo…


- Avoid sitting in periods of great excitement.

- Do not drink alcohol in the hours before the meeting.

- Do not consume narcotic substances prior to the meeting. Leer artículo completo…


Among the various forms of art are subversive: the graffiti, installations, stickers, posters, tattoos, music, street dancing, street sports and even street theater.

Among the messages posted by the different techniques of street art there are political ideas, humor, and absurdity expressed by figures and forms, ranging from caricature to productions strongly realistic, with real characters, reproductions, and inventions. Leer artículo completo…


In the next video you will find some tips that will help you minimize the pain of getting a tattoo.

Leer artículo completo…


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