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BIRDIE uses sarcastic, threatening-looking birds as a tag.  Hundreds of his birds live on the city´s walls, filling them with fun and color.  While he mainly uses this character as his signature, he also surprises us from time to time with elaborate, giant murals, either solo projects or in collaboration with other graffiti painters.  Like most of the artists, BIRDIE paints on the street for the sheer pleasure of doing it. Leer artículo completo…

This young artist began painting her star-shaped logo and punk girls several years ago.  SAVAGE GIRL can be spotted mainly on the streets of Bilbao and Barcelona, forming part of a community of artists called KREATIZIDES (FRIK, YUBIA, LE PUZLE), with whom she has painted large murals.  The stickers with her logo, a star with a pubis, appear around cities on walls and traffic signs. Leer artículo completo…

The 1980 CREW are based in Barcelona, one of the big capitals of street art and graffiti.  Its members are RODRIGONE, MISTER, MALICIA, FLAN, KOAR, CHANOIR, TROTTER, and IBON, to mention a few.  Their artworks are full of color and imagination, engaging our senses in many ways.  They like to experiment with big murals in public places, mixing their own special sign language with comic-inspired characters. Leer artículo completo…

Barcelona´s Lolo, Tokyo´s Sosaku and Iceland´s Siggy constitute the artist´s collectively known as KAMIKAZE CREW.  While their works are quite minimalist since they generally use just black and white as base colors, they achieve strong visual impact.  The main character is an innocent-looking little boy surrounded by an aura of mistery.  These almost-ectoplasmic visions hide content that is more romantic than diabolical, since they are filled with great beauty.  Leer artículo completo…


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