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Among the various forms of art are subversive: the graffiti, installations, stickers, posters, tattoos, music, street dancing, street sports and even street theater.

Among the messages posted by the different techniques of street art there are political ideas, humor, and absurdity expressed by figures and forms, ranging from caricature to productions strongly realistic, with real characters, reproductions, and inventions. Leer artículo completo…

It was in the 50 when some surfers became interested in doing their stunts on land. The aim was to start from the top of a slope and go down without falling, always staying on feet. It was the first manifestation of skateboarding. A decade later, this new sport gained thousands of followers around the world. At the time, this activity was considered the most risky and exciting sport in the world. Such was it fame that Life magazine gave it a front page in 1965.

At first, the skaters made their skateboards (like surfers with their boards), until Makaha Company saw a big business and began manufacturing skateboards. Leer artículo completo…


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