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Streets sports are urban practiced sports which do not have a commercial or professional origin and were developed spontaneously for urban culture members.

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BackFlip: Mortal back with or without height.

Double BackFlip: Double backflip on the same jump.

Frontflip: Mortal forward with or without height. Leer artículo completo…


If you are walking and you see a person flying, do not panic, they are not aliens, they are stunters.

The Street Stunts is a type of extreme activity that is characterized by its elegant and intense movements characteristic of the gym that’s why it is called urban gymnastic. It also contains features of other disciplines such as martial arts and break dancing. Leer artículo completo…


They run 30km/h directly to a 2 meters wall, and just a few seconds before be printed in it. They jump the wall and continue running. They aren’t cats or monkeys, they are “traceurs” or in other words “the ones who do the road ”

Parkour is a sport of the street. No rules, no clubs, no federations, only hard work and quite fit. Stunts that an average person would never think to do, with the simple goal of moving. Leer artículo completo…


Among the various forms of art are subversive: the graffiti, installations, stickers, posters, tattoos, music, street dancing, street sports and even street theater.

Among the messages posted by the different techniques of street art there are political ideas, humor, and absurdity expressed by figures and forms, ranging from caricature to productions strongly realistic, with real characters, reproductions, and inventions. Leer artículo completo…


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