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Altough he was born in Bogotá, CHANOIR was raised in Paris, one of the art capitals of the world.  He belongs  to a generation who grew up watching television, and he is inspired by the cartoons of the 1980s.  His main character is the cat, CHA, which he began painting on the streets of Paris in the mid-1990s.  Over time, his cats began to take on their own personalities and went on from the Parisian streets to become famous on the Barcelona graffiti scene. Leer artículo completo…

The 1980 CREW are based in Barcelona, one of the big capitals of street art and graffiti.  Its members are RODRIGONE, MISTER, MALICIA, FLAN, KOAR, CHANOIR, TROTTER, and IBON, to mention a few.  Their artworks are full of color and imagination, engaging our senses in many ways.  They like to experiment with big murals in public places, mixing their own special sign language with comic-inspired characters. Leer artículo completo…

The ONG CREW (black sheep) is a collective of multi-disciplinary artists, including MAZE, ZOSEN, RIOT, PEZ, FLAN, XUPET NEGRE, CHANOIR, and a host of others, based in Barcelona.  They are known for their large murals, characterized by social and political criticism, on eroded surfaces and worn out walls.  The group also includes poets, video artists, graphic designers, and performers.   Leer artículo completo…


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