Among the various forms of art are subversive: the graffiti, installations, stickers, posters, tattoos, music, street dancing, street sports and even street theater.

Among the messages posted by the different techniques of street art there are political ideas, humor, and absurdity expressed by figures and forms, ranging from caricature to productions strongly realistic, with real characters, reproductions, and inventions.

The graffiti, songs, posters and other contemporary expressions are not similar as the ones that were exposed 30 years ago. Each one of them has evolved to a state of firsthand artistic expression.

Almost all forms of this art are intrinsically connected to a root: the freedom of expression. This roots motivates the artist to find the way to make his art noted. Two good places for this are walls and streets.

There are forms of street art that have reached a surprising maturity among the pessimist predictions of conservative people.

Graffiti: Is the result of painting signs, often with a political or social content and also with or without the permission of the owner of the property.

Installations: It use 3D objects to interfere with urban environment.

Tattoo: Is a modification of the natural skin color where is create a draw or a text with ink or other pigment under the scarfskin.

Street music: Music that is create from streets and for the streets such as hip-hop, rap, protest music, and others.

Street dance: That’s how people describes the dance styles that evolved out of studios, such as: break dance, tecktonik, dougie, and others.

Street sports: They are spontaneous, non- commercial and non-professional, such as: skateboarding, street hockey, parkour and others.

Street theater: Is a form of theatrical performance that takes place in open spaces. There are no charges to see it and most of the time people find it by chance.

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