The word graffiti has its origins in the Greek word graphein which means writing.  In spite of being an artistic expression, graffiti is usually illegally painted on the walls, and for some people it is still considerate as vandalism, which makes more attractive to young people.  There are several techniques and types of graffiti like tag style, throw-Up, blockbuster, wild style, and 3D graffiti which is one of the most popular and can be easier to paint that it seems.

Some of the steps for making a 3D graffiti are:

 1.      Draw a letter

2.      Draw horizontal lines to all the letters (with the same direction) at the side you prefer, for example up, down, left, right, or diagonal. Also, you can draw a point that later will be connected to the lines of the letter.  

3.      Join the lines

Fast Tube by Casper

Fast Tube by Casper

If you are not a fan of drawing, there are many technological options to make this type of graffiti, for example using Photoshop, XARA 3D, The Graffiti Creator, among others.

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