• The Celtic tribes: this style is characterized by spiral shapes, images of birds, dogs and humans.

• The Maori tribes: for this culture tattoos were a mechanism to be recognized after death and symbolize inner strength. This tribe from Nez Zeland specializes on facial and legs tattoos. Their tattooing style is known for spiral shapes similar to wood carving.

• Ainu-western Asia: used tattooing to show social status. Girls coming of age were marked to announce their place in society, as were the married women.

• The Haida tribes: the style of this tribe is a strong and masculine representation. They believed that when someone had a tattoo of an animal, that person will gain the strength of that animal.

• Borneo- Indonesia: the headhunters had tattoos for protection and as proof of their achievements. Also, women from this tribe tattooed symbols of their skills in their forearm, which was useful to get married. Besides, it was common to use tattoos on the wrist and finger to be protected from illness.

• Marquesan tribes: the tattoos of this tribe were a form of language. The images of this tribe were characterized for being picture stories that show where the person came from and what he did. Some of the more common images used by this tribe are related to Tiki, their god, and animals like whales, lizards, sharks, turtles and even shells (which means wealth).

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