Draw letters on the walls of private property without the owner’s permission is illegal. But that is something the artists don’t care. In their ideology that is not crime but natural expressions. The real graffiti artist is not a criminal and beyond the dangers they are exposed every day remain true to the art and the need to express feelings among words or paints.

His writings are influenced by a myriad of cultural expressions of the street as hip-hop or break dance. The aim of all graffiti artist is to capture the urban spaces with their concerns, their feelings and their ideas.

Some history…

Graffiti dating back to Roman times where they used to write on walls and columns some vulgar inscriptions with political slogans, insults, declarations of love, and others. This tradition spread throughout the world, including Latin America where graffiti has been a prime instrument for rejecting the social and political system.

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Graffiti modern history dates back to the 60′s in New York, it was influenced by hip-hop and rap music. The first graffiti artists were devoted to firms, and lived and painted in New York.

Soon, the New York subway was full of pictures and texts painted by artists who were inspired by music and racial problems that affected at that time the United States.

Fast Tube by Casper