The original name of Eminem is Marshall Bruce Mathers. He was born on October 17 of 1972 in Saint Joseph, Missouri. He occupies the position 82 in the ranking of the 100 best performers of the Rolling Stone magazine. He is also the first artist who won the prize for the Best Rap Album for three consecutive records.  Eminem has sold 39, 6 million albums in USA and has 10 albums number one in the Billboard 200 list. 

Eminem was part of D12 (The Dirty Dozen) a group of hip hop from Detroit.  He has many businesses, one of which is his own record label named Shady Records, a radio channel known as Shade 45. In 2008 he wrote the book “The Way I am”, which is his autobiography that contains details about his struggle against poverty, drugs, fame, depression, and so on. The book also has the original pages where we wrote “Stan” and “The Real Slim Shady”.

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He won an Oscar for the best original song in the hip hop drama movie 8 Mile where he was the main character. Also, he had appeared in two Super Bowl XLV commercials, one of which was a Chrysler 200 two-minute commercial catalogued as the longest one in the history of Super Bowl. In 1999 his mother sued him for what he says at the song “The Slim Shady”. Eminem also founded a charity organization called The Marshall Mathers Foundation which work is helping disadvantaged youth in his home state.

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Some interesting facts about Eminem are: he has ever met his father (he left home when Eminem had six months), when he was little he went of five different schools in five months, his favorite color is blue and he will love to have a Taco Bell restaurant at his courtyard, he was arrested for weapons charges but get probation, the only persons he consider as his family is his daughter Hallie. Some of Eminem music rivals are: Ja Rule, Everlast, Benzino, Insane Clown Posse, among others.