Street Dances are urban dances originated in the Bronx that are based on improvisation, creativity, individual originality, and permanent contact with the audience. Dancers are free to move and make up movements spontaneously.

Street dance is also famous for its duels which are known as “jams” and take place in the middle of a circle where partners or individuals show their movements in shifts. viagra popularity of this dance has gone too far that today exist world competitions like Battle of the Year, American Lindy Hop Championships, G force Street Dance, Juste Debout, iDance UK Hip Hop Crew Championships, and Jump Off. The most popular styles (fusion of many movements) are:

   -    Breakdance: it is also known as breaking or b-boying (the dancer take the name of b-boy, b-girl or breaker), and has four elements: freezes, power moves, downrock, and toprock.

-    Popping: the dancers follow the rhythm of a song while relax and contract the muscles and combine the moves with mime.

-    Locking: this style involves fast movements of arms and hands with relaxed movements of legs and hips. Dancers tend to exaggerate the movements which last more time than in others styles. Also, it involves more interaction with the audience than other kinds of dancing. 

 Other styles are: liquid dancing, robot, tutting, krumping, and uprock.

Fast Tube by Casper

Fast Tube by Casper

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