“Control Machete”, founded in 1995 is a hip hop group which combines the culture and traditional music of the north of Mexico with hardcode hip hop beats.  At the beginning they were part of the musical movement called “Avanzada Regia” originated in the 90´s at Monterrey.  The funding members were Antonio “Toy” Hernández, Patricio “Pato Machete” and Fermin “IV” (he retired in 2002).

One of their most well-known songs and the one which became them famous is called “¿Comprendes, Mendes?” of the album “Mucho Barato” released in July 1, 1997. Their musical influences are Cypress Hill. “Control Machete” participated in the soundtrack of the movie “Amores Perros”, they also were invited to record the disc tribute to Jose Jose (a Latin America famous singer), and to be part of the disc “Outlandos D’ Ameritas” which is a tribute to The Police.

Fast Tube by Casper
They have a strong political point of view, which is expressed on their lyrics, for example with the songs “Mexican Curious” which presents their inconformity to United Sates anti-immigrant campaigns. Currently, the group is taking a break ant there is no news about their comeback.

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