This group with Latin origins was created in 1986 but their original name was DVX (Devastating Vocal Excellence). The group born in Southgate, California and became famous because of their unique style which consist of fusion Latin and hip-hop slang.

At the beginning, when their name was DVX, the group was formed by Larry Muggerud (DJ Muggs, 1968), Mellow Man Ace, Louis Freeze (B-Real, 1970), and Senen Reyes (Sen Dog, 1965).  However, in 1988 Mellow Man Ace left the group and the name was changed to Cypress Hill because by that time they live Cypress Avenue yet, in 1994, Eric Correa (Eric Bobo, 1968) joined the group.  This group is also popular because of their commitment to promote the legalization of marijuana, for which they have organized campaigns. In fact, Cypress Hill was forbidden to appear at Saturday Night Live because the band destroyed their musical instruments and Muggs smoked a marihuana cigarette at the show.

Fast Tube by Casper
On the other hand, Cypress Hill appears at “The Simpsons”, when Homer, Bart and Lisa went to the festival “Lollapalooza”. Another interesting fact is that the members of the group appear at the movie “How High” form Dany Devito in 2001, in secondary roll.  In addition, Cypress Hill became the first Latin group that won a platinum, gold and multi-platinum record.

They have sold over 46 million albums all over the world and had release nine albums. In[e1]  April 2010 they released their Rise Up which is their most recently work.

 [e1]Their discography include: Cypress Hill (1991), Black Sunday (1993), Cypress Hill III: Temples of Boom (1995), Unreleased and Revamped (1996), IV (1998), Greatest Hits in Spanish (1999), Skull & Bones (2000), Live at the Fillmore (2000), Stoned Raiders (2001), Till Death Do Us Part (2004), Greatest Hits from the Bong (2005).

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