BackFlip: Mortal back with or without height.

Double BackFlip: Double backflip on the same jump.

Frontflip: Mortal forward with or without height.

Double frontflip: Double fatal forward in the same jump. You can make a pretty big height.

SideFlip: Mortal lateral with or without height.

DoubleLeg: Also known as “Rainbow” or “Japanese. “.


Aerial: It’s like a round off without hands, jumping on one foot and another strip and fall backward with one foot looking at where you came.

Webster: Frontflip, which is launched with only one foot and fall with one and then the other.

BackFlip Inverted: Known only as “inverted. ” BackFlip is a thrown forward.

Inverted frontflip: frontflip thrown backwards.

Gainer: Gainer thrown forward in the race.


Butterfly Twist: Known as B-Twist. It is a unique spin on the axis made horizontally.

Double Butterfly Twist: A B-Twist, but instead of rotating 360 degrees, turn 720.

FullTwist: A BackFlip turning 360 degrees while make the deadly.

Double FullTwist: A BackFlip turning 720 degrees.

Frontflip 180: frontflip turning 180 degrees in the middle of the jump.

Frontflip 360: frontflip turning 360 degrees while make the leap.

Fast Tube by Casper

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