Hip Hop arose with “block parties”, at the end of 1970 in Afro-American communities of New York.  Neighborhoods of this city that performed hip hop were Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens.

This movement wasn´t only musical but cultural even.  The DJ (Disc Jockey), was accompanied by a singer of rap named MC (Master of Ceremonies), B-BOYS or people who performed break dance and WRITERS or people who paint graffiti of its crew.

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Kevin Donovan, known as Afrika Bambaataa, was considered a gangster in Bronx streets.  In an encounter between gangs and cops, a shot killed his best friend Solsky, so he decided to create a group called Universal Zulu Nation to convert gang people into artists.  He did it!

Thanks Kevin, east side of New York developed a gold age of hip hop called at the present as “old school”, conformed by great MCs (Soul Sonic Force, Cosmic Force, Rammelzee), Writers (Dondi, Seen, Fab 5 Freddy), B-boys (Shaka Zulu King, Nigger Twins, Rock Steady Crew), and DJs (Afrika Bambaataa itself, DJ Jazzy Jay, DJ Red Alert, Whizz Kid, Grand Wizard Theodore, DST).

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