Tattoos bleed a lot

When the tattoo artist begins drawing or outlining the tattoo it produces blood. Shade or color when larger areas are usually very little bleeding, and also the tattoo stop bleeding by itself in 5 or 10 minutes. When the person leaves the studio wearing your tattoo bandaged it is normal that the skin and bleeding has stopped completely. A tattoo done correctly does not imply any significant blood loss.

Some inks may fade over time

Technical innovations developed in the tattoo inks have incorporated new pigments more resistant to the elements (sun, time, etc..), that improve the quality of the brightness of existing tattoos colors over the years.

Turn bluish tattoos over time

Today this effect is absent due to higher quality ink used to tattoo machines and more advanced and accurate.

The smaller the better

This is an error. We do not want huge things that should not be patterned, but not something too small.  Test the design in various sizes, that’s part of the artist’s work, to see how it looks and if you look good or not.

Tattoos and blood donation

The only reason to wait an adequate time (2 years) to begin to donate blood is because of the possibility of having contracted an infectious disease through contact with the needle.

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