It was in the 50 when some surfers became interested in doing their stunts on land. The aim was to start from the top of a slope and go down without falling, always staying on feet. It was the first manifestation of skateboarding. A decade later, this new sport gained thousands of followers around the world. At the time, this activity was considered the most risky and exciting sport in the world. Such was it fame that Life magazine gave it a front page in 1965.

At first, the skaters made their skateboards (like surfers with their boards), until Makaha Company saw a big business and began manufacturing skateboards.

The first outdoors skate park was built in Florida in 1976. It was soon followed by thousands of other skate parks across North America. Then, appeared the vertical style. The slalom and freestyle became less popular.

In 1978 a Florida skater named Alan Gelfand invented the ollie (move that allowed jump banks and little walls) and moved to the next level of skateboarding. Freestyle roots developed when skaters started to take vertical movements on the street.

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At that time the skaters looked similar to the hippies. Wore their hair long, shorts and T-shirts with similar colors to those of California surfers.

The music that these adolescents identified on wheels was that of bands like The Ramones, Manor Threat, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd.

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After an unexpected decline in the 80, at 90 the skaters returned to the streets and to skate parks. Now with another look: T-shirts, baggy jeans and Vans. Rap and hip-hop complemented this new generation of skateboarders.

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To extend this phenomenon was created the Thrasher magazine, which claimed that the skate was not only a sport but also a way of living.

A report of 2002 for the American Sports Data found that there were 40.5 million skateboarders in the world, being 84% under 18 years, of which 74% were men and 26% female.

Today is one of the most popular sports worldwide. Its evolution in both skateboards and in jumps have contributed to the sport remains the favorite among the younger generation.

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