- Avoid sitting in periods of great excitement.

- Do not drink alcohol in the hours before the meeting.

- Do not consume narcotic substances prior to the meeting.

- Not everyone can be tattooed, the specific illness person shall notify the nature of his illness.


- Protect your tattoo for at least 24 hours with a bandage and a plastic wrap.

- Wash the tattoo three or four times daily with glycerin soap or antibacterial soap. Scented soaps and alcohol should be avoided because it dries the tattoo and skin suffers.

- If irritation or swelling can be controlled with the application of ice.

- Put moisturizer with a high content of petroleum for at least three or four times a day. Keep in mind this because it is of utmost importance for preservation. You repeat this procedure for at least 15 days.

- Avoid long baths and generally extended periods under water for at least two weeks.

- Keep your tattoo out of the sun until it is completely healed.


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