It was in the 90′s when the street art forms were no longer taken as vandalism and began to gain importance within the urban culture. Street art or post-graffiti encompass different techniques such as templates, posters or stickers.

These differences not only include the techniques, but also refer to the aesthetic and ideology forms.

Although the street art has evolved, its roots are still alive in every manifestation. Roots that are part of many trends, but the most important is subversion. Music, graffiti, stencils, posters, installations, dance and more are the means used by these street artists to send a sarcastic message to society.

These forms of expression are referred to mid-nineteenth century, when letters drawn with revolutionary messages and expressions of rejection to the social system altered the facade of the buildings of Brooklyn.

Before Brooklyn, the Kilroy graffiti at the end of the Second World War had caused a great impact within the global society, this event inspired many young people express themselves through the walls.

Currently, these statements go beyond mere expressions against the system of government. Now, they face the erroneous human decisions in a global system and ensure that the society begins to be aware of it.

Fast Tube by Casper

Fast Tube by Casper

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