When we say hip-hop the first thing that goes through our heads is a group of black young with baggy clothes and with a hat to one side. But Hip-Hop is more than just a style. It began as a release form a society that insult and judge those who were different.

Rap (the sound) is produced by the term called MC and DJ. The MC (Master of Ceremonies) is “in charge of rapping (talking)”. It was called black music as it was in America where black unhappy workers rapped their problems and try to overcome them.

Along with music and speech it appear the Scratch witch is used in almost all hip hop groups. This phenomenon was discovered by Grand Wizard Theodore in an interview said the following things:

“One day I was listening to music with the volume a bit high, and my mother knocked on the door shouting very loud: “If you don’t turn off that music I will strangle you!” while she kept screaming I put in my head the headphones. Vinyl stopped and I began to carry the disc forward and backward and flipped, so I started experimenting with it for a couple of months until I got it, and I went with Scratch”

Fast Tube by Casper


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