They run 30km/h directly to a 2 meters wall, and just a few seconds before be printed in it. They jump the wall and continue running. They aren’t cats or monkeys, they are “traceurs” or in other words “the ones who do the road ”

Parkour is a sport of the street. No rules, no clubs, no federations, only hard work and quite fit. Stunts that an average person would never think to do, with the simple goal of moving.

This practice comes from France specifically Lisses City, a city where David Belle, the creator of this activity, chose to start sowing the seeds of a new philosophy of life.

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The abstraction of fear, the concentration, the prospect of achieving the target without physical contradictions, feeling alive and free are the keys that comprise “parkour. ”

There are no standards, only a spirit of self-improvement. The obstacles are part of the road. Their motto is: “Being and last” which means that the traceur must not be jeopardized, should not compete or attempt to outdo the others. They have to trust themselves, without fear. It is not a competition it’s life. Envy does not fit, bad energy puzzle and does not allow the body to flow, as it should. A good traceur never bother people or the environment. Neither endangers his life if he is not sure of the jump.

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The word parkour derives from ‘parcours’ that means route in French. The ‘traceurs’ are the practitioners of parkour they have to draw straight lines from one point to another by passing the obstacles encountered in the way (fences, walls, empty) with the unique possibilities of the human body.

The goal of Parkour is simple, the bodies return a useful tool, expanding the perspective of the human body and its capacity, develop new forms of displacement that can serve in the daily life under any circumstance or risk. Even as a simple art and personal growth.

For many trainees this activity is more than just a sport, it is an art, a philosophy, a new way of seeing the world and move through it.

It is also a new way of learning environment without additional tools that gives us the body. In this way they learn to face the obstacles that arise, whether natural or artificial, with the resources that offer the combination of motion and control. Self-knowledge and challenge the fears are keys when jumping from one building to another.

Parkour philosophy it’s like in real life, if you ever have problems, you must overcome them, never stop and go always forward.

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