The circle gets close. The music starts. A person is pulled to the floor but does not fall. Round and round with his hand, his feet turn in the air. He is dancing; he is challenging someone else to be better than him. Is a b-boy. A breakdancer.

This scene is repeated in many streets of the United States and worldwide. The technique was born in the Black and Latino neighborhoods of New York. Someone there was trying to mimic an electrical current and began a dance that would later be identified as an extreme art.

Thus, the rhythm of rap and hip-hop, acrobatic dancers experts challenge others to beat them with more elaborate movements. These movements can be spinning on the floor or jumping with one hand.

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It was in the 80′s when the Break Dance achieves global coverage in major cities of different countries, mainly the United States and France. There were classic the battles of Uprock above New York’s gang with the Rock Steady Crew in New York City or gangs like Aktuel Force with Accrorap in France. In the 90′s Breakdance was recognized as a cultural institution in Europe and the U.S.

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