There are many movements that need to be studied and practiced with dedication. Bboying movements can be classified into 4 branches: toprock (ball up), footwork (dance floor), power moves and freezes / suicides.

And the movements are:

Toprocks: Dancing feet. Simply follow the rhythm of the music and making it move in the less disciplined and more open. Some steps are the Indian top rock Step, Salsa, Step, Step Brooklyn. The falls and down to ground level are called drops.

Footworks: These are the dance steps that are made on the ground with hands and feet. The simple steps support most of the weight on the feet and the most complicated in the knees.

Powermove: It is often the most difficult and spectacular movements of bboying that require greater physical capacity. Some of them are the Windmill, Flares, Airflares, Halos, Nineteens and 2000′s.

Freezes: Is the movement in which the Bboy “freezes” for a moment the beat of the music. They are also the most difficult, requiring balance and range of motion.

A jorney to its roots led breakers create new moves inspired by Capoeira and other folk dances. New twists on hands (handglides), shoulders (windmills) or head (head Spins) have been enhanced by new generations of women and men seeking to convey a message through exotic movements.

Fast Tube by Casper

Fast Tube by Casper

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