Hip-hop is inextricably linked to 4 elements, some we have already mentioned: MCing (rapping), DJing (turntablism), breakdancing (bboying) and graffiti.

Afrika Bambaataa coined the term Hip Hop in the 70′s. Years later, KRS One, from the Bronx, wanted to unify four elements of hip hop, his intention was to simplify the definition of hip hop.

The union of two elements, the MC and DJ (Disc Jockey), make the musical style of hip hop, rap.

The dance b-boying is popularly known as breakdancing. The person performing this dance is called b-boy or b-girl (fly girl).

The graffiti is the artistic branch of this culture. There are graffiti styles that are considered to have less to do with hip hop culture as radical & political graffiti, street art and graffiti post.

Fast Tube by Casper

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